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  1. Zazamoukh

    Zazamoukh New Member

    My problem is that my phone keeps turning itself off a few times a day than it turns itself back after 2-15 minutes. It all starts with the screen lighting up (but there's nothing displayed, only an empty greyish background). After that the phone seems to turn itself off. But that is not the real case because I can't switch it back on normally. I have to remove the battery and only after that am I able to reboot. If I don't bother with the battery removing thing, it switches back on by itself after a while (without the normal boot sequence; it just flashes and its ready to use again), but for the time of this "phenomenon" the phone is unreachable, as it would be when it's off.
    I already had its softwave restored to defaults by the service of the shop i bought it, but it didn't fix anything.
    So anyone has any idea what could cause this? Could an older SIM card cause these kind of problems? (5-6 years)

  2. garysri

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  3. Zazamoukh

    Zazamoukh New Member

    Thanks, I'll try it out.

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