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  1. yyyeb

    yyyeb New Member

    Hi. I have a problem with wifi. Internet on cable and wireless on laptop is working without any problems. But when I connect the phone (Sony Ericson Xperia X10i android 2.3.3.) connection takes 2 or 3 minutes maximum. then gets disconnected and i can not connect to wifi either by phone, or the laptop. Wired internet can connect. Devices can detect wifi signal, but they cant connect. The problem is solved if i reset modem/router but again the same story appears when I try to connect the phone xperia to wifi. My phone somehow turnes the router off. Sorry for my english. Please help, no one can help me, not my internet provider, not mobile company, not google,yahoo...!

  2. yyyeb

    yyyeb New Member

    How can be this be possible? The phone is actualy manipulating the router. It turns wifi off. Even another devices cannot access annymore. Thats really strange.
  3. rs79

    rs79 New Member

    Is it a Dlink router?

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