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  1. DavDroid

    DavDroid Well-Known Member


    My phone was charging yesterday at work and when I got home I let it sit for awhile. I went back to use it and the phone was completely off and I wasnt able to turn it on until I removed the battery and put it back in. This has never happened before. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Thank you!!!

  2. DavDroid

    DavDroid Well-Known Member

    Anyone? I believe today is my 2nd week with thee phone and I need to know if I should take it back.

    Thank you!!!
  3. emoshurchak

    emoshurchak Well-Known Member

    Something like this happened to me once while I was actually talking on the phone. Like you, I had to pull the battery to get it to boot up again. Hasn't happened since but I'm keeping an eye on it.
  4. kbohip

    kbohip Well-Known Member

    This happened to me a couple of days ago. Actually, this phone has gotten very buggy after the "GPS fix" that didn't fix anything. I'm also now having freeze ups with the phone. Tonight it's gotten so bad that I've rebooted 6 times.:mad:
  5. lordmalice

    lordmalice Well-Known Member

    if you continue to have that problem id say you have 2 optois start reading up on how to flash stock or custum ros orr you can call tmo or bell or who ever you got your phone from to get a new one shipped to you and send the old one back make sure to keep your micro sd and send them back the stock one
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  6. fonegeek

    fonegeek New Member

    im having the same issue with my vibrant. the problem started post ota update and seems to happen most often when charging phone. i have tried a master reset and the issue continues to happen. i have talked to 2 other people who are having the same problem. i am starting to think this is directly related to the ota update but i cannot find anything from tmo or samsung stating this is a known issue.
  7. richard framer

    richard framer New Member

    has done it to me everyday at work in the middle of the afternoon except today knock on wood. The issue i have is the back button continually pushes itself and the lock button does not lock the phone, is this hardware or software. about to take phone back to dealer
  8. DavDroid

    DavDroid Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys!! Good to know that it's not just my phone.
  9. mdtolic

    mdtolic Well-Known Member

    It happens to mine as well. Pulled the batt 3x today. It's not that bad every day, probably not even most days, but it's pretty annoying.

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