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  1. BAMBAM86

    BAMBAM86 New Member

    So my HTC Vivid has powered down like 6 or 7 times on it's own today. Every time I turn it back on, it's working fine, but just continues to turn off on it's own! Today has been the most times it's turned off on it's own. I have Ice Cream sandwich. Anyone else having this problem? If so, any solutions? Thanks!

  2. krisking64

    krisking64 New Member

    Mine has been doing the same thing for a while now. AT&T said it was an app so that was deleted and a factory reset was done on my own. The phone was still doing the same so I took it back to AT&T. The same tech then said he had to do the factory reset in store. He came back telling me to wait a few days before I add any new apps then add an app once a day to see what is causing the shut down.

    Surprise, surprise...I have added no new apps. The factory reset done by AT&T was yesterday at 2 pm and the phone turned off about 4 hours later....Let's see what they say today.

    Have you had any luck?
  3. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    You clearly have a faulty Vivid. I would take it back and insist on a replacement phone, if it is still under warranty.
  4. prasen

    prasen New Member

    Mine was turning off atleast once everyday.
    Swapped the battery and 4th day running without a reset.
    It might worth a try before declaring the phone faulty.

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