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  1. bearsfan0809

    bearsfan0809 New Member

    A few weeks ago I purchased a Galaxy S4 (SPH-L720)[Sprint] & (MF9 Build and Baseband) and ever since, it has randomly been turning itself off. I haven't been able to find a reason, or even a vague pattern...and even worse, it doesn't even make a shutting down noise (mimicking, almost as if you were removing the battery rather than shutting the phone the down) so ill miss calls and text messages all the time simply because i didn't hear my phone turn itself off. The only way I am able get the phone to turn back on also, is by holding down (Vol Down) + (Center) + (Power) for 10 seconds....than let go. Next I hit the power button to turn it back on, or I could go through the complicated process of taking the battery out, put it back it and power it on, but I hate taking the back off this phone, so I just prefer the button option. It's a very stressful situation, especially because every other thing on this phone is flawless for me, so if this simple problem could be fixed I would crown this phone king, especially combined with the unlimited data plan of Sprint, it really allows me to use all that this phone has to offer. Anyone who can give any information or help, would save so much frustration. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas to fix this problem or at least what is causing this problem?

    Below are steps I have attempted to fix the problem:
    • Factory Reset (Didn't fix, just slowed down frequency about 30%)
    • Limit Background Processes in Developer options (Didn't work at all)
    • Delete Apps (Just like factory reset, didn't fix, just slowed about 30%)
    • Updating Firmware (Didn't work)

    Any other suggestions?

    Below is the information for my phone :



  2. camel_chops

    camel_chops Active Member

    I have this problem, its really annoying and I'd like a solution too.
  3. AeolianReflex

    AeolianReflex Well-Known Member

    Return the phone and insist on a new replacement not a refurb.
  4. Ageless Stranger

    Ageless Stranger Well-Known Member

  5. bearsfan0809

    bearsfan0809 New Member

    No the battery is not swollen whatsoever, it looks completely normal and does not overheat whatsoever. And my brother has the same phone (2nd replacement [yes, hes having it even on the 2nd replacement]) and had it replaced because he had the exact same issue...we thought we just got a bad batch of phones, so when he got it replaced and the problem persisted...he seemed very surprised. He is very frustrated. This problem seems very, very common.

    The phone does not fully shut off, but rather freezes, or maybe the digitizer fails, I'm not sure 100% sure what, but I know it doesn't shut off. I found this out because the LED indicator does not go off when one of these incidents occur (charging [green], low battery [red], text [blue blinking], etc.) So i have come to realize that the phone does not shut off, but rather freezes...or something that disables me from turning the screen back on. Any ideas?
  6. valorian

    valorian Well-Known Member

    If you suspect the phone freezes I would try a factory reset. See if that clears whatever software is causing it to freeze.

    If the phone still does this after a factory reset I would return it as it might be a hardware issue causing it to freeze.
  7. bearsfan0809

    bearsfan0809 New Member

    I've done two factory resets, it didn't do anything besides slow down the frequency in the amount of occurrences about 30%.

    And as I am going to try to send it in to Sprint to get a new one, but as I explained above, my brother has done this twice and has gotten the same problem, on both replacements. And we aren't doing anything in common, and do not do anything special with our phones (install custom roms, mod, etc.). So, it's sad to say, but I'm just expecting the same problem when i receive a replacement. However, I want to find the culprit to this issue. So any ideas other ideas?
  8. valorian

    valorian Well-Known Member

    The only thing I can think of then is your phone is going into a power saving sleep mode and not coming out of it. Try disabling all power saving settings and see if that helps.
  9. Boo Boo

    Boo Boo Well-Known Member

    sometimes mine shuts down on its own. but only after i rooted and installed the hotspot mod
  10. mvrck0

    mvrck0 New Member

    Any update if your issues resolved and how? I bought mine in July and started experiencing the same problems since October. Service center flashed and updated the firmware, but the problem is still exists, rater has increased many folds. Now it shutsdown in 2-5 minutes after disconnecting from charger. Battery seems perfectly flat, don't think thats the issue. This is one worthless expensive phone :(
  11. CVAngelo

    CVAngelo New Member

    No-one found any resolution to this issue???
  12. CVAngelo

    CVAngelo New Member

    No one is gonna believe this. Within the past week, I have now come across this problem on TWO phones (happen to be Alcatel Pop C7s). Random freezes during boot, screen turns white or freezes up, or happen at anytime. Phone if it boots might run for 5 or 10 minutes then..WHAM! It freezes up then appears to shut down. Can only be restarted by removing the battery.

    Anyway, I was stumped on the first phone. Went as far as a factory reset. It did not solve the problem. I gave up and told the owner of the phone it must be a problem with the mother-board.

    Now today I have a second phone in front of me exhibiting the same behavior. I got a very important clue because I was playing around with this second phone and then suddenly a message popped up that "Unfortunately Gmail has stopped". BIG HINT. It's gotta be Google Services Framework!

    So here are the steps I took: I deleted all of the data associated with Google Services Framework, Google Play Store and Google Search (now Google App) and then I updated these apps with the latest versions from the Play Store. I also deleted the data associated with the Contacts Storage as this too is known to create problems.

    BINGO!!!!! The phone hasn't randomly frozen or shut down since.

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