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  1. jvr916

    jvr916 New Member

    So, I have an HTC one through Verizon wireless and recently the screen just turned black out of the blue...

    Pressing the power button doesn't bring up the lock screen like it should. When I hold down the power button, the home button flashes but the phone doesn't shut off. This phone is only a few weeks old and I haven't rooted it or downloaded apps from unknown sources or anything. Please advise!

    UPDATE: I was able to shut the phone off by holding the power button down for what seemed like forever... Then it turned back on when I hit the power button. But now the phone is lagging when I type anything... Like it takes a few seconds then immediately fills in the last 4-5 letters I typed. This phone is brand new and I'm a little worried that it's already having problems... Does anyone know why I got this black screen, or what I might do to diagnose or resolve the issue?

  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    press and hold the power button PLUS the up volume button until the phone shuts off and then turns on. this should boot the phone back up.

    if it doesn't, what were you doing prior to this issue happening?

    I see, you got the phone back to boot up.

    make sure you have fastboot turned off.

    could be a rogue app causing your issue. could be low memory. could be any number of things. its hard to diagnose over the internet so all one can do is offer suggestion on things to try. these may or may not help.

    if you are using htc sync to back up data, dont. use the standard google backup.

    are you new to android? what was your last device?

    do my procedure above--press and hold the power and volume UP button until phone reboots.
    if the phone is under a grace period, take it back.

    the htc one is a solid phone so don't worry about the build quality. even iphones have issues out of the box.

    if you are up for it, do a factory reset.
  3. jvr916

    jvr916 New Member

    I was able to shut the phone off by holding the power button down for a long time without touching the volume control... See the update in my first post.

    Prior to the black screen, I was just browsing a car forum using the android browser. I want running any other apps or downloading anything. I left the phone for 3 min which is long enough to turn off the screen, but instead of going to the lock screen when I tapped the power button it just didn't respond. To clarify, the screen didn't just go black while I was in the middle of using the phone, but rather once the screen shut off as it should after a few min of inactivity, it became unresponsive (except for the home button flashing when I held down the power button).

    Yeah, I'm new to android, in fact this is my first smartphone.

    How do I turn off fastboot (and what does that do, exactly)?

    How do I turn off HTC sync but leave Google backup on?

    And what exactly does holding the power button plus the volume up button do? Will I lose any data when I do that?

    Sorry for the noobishness and thanks for the help.
  4. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    I don't want to get your thread off topic.

    I suggest you read the sticky threads and the "new to android" thread to get an idea on this device and how it works.

    Settings, power, fastboot.

    If you didn't sign up for HTC sync when setting up the phone, then you're not using it.

    You won't lose data doing the volume plus up button. This procedure works for some other devices.

    If device is still acting up, a factory reset may be in order.
  5. tispectrum

    tispectrum Well-Known Member

    and the reason for turning off fastboot?
  6. I Just got on the bus home after I've been playing some fotboll. When sitting on the bus I wanted to listen to music and I noticed that I only had about 7% battery life left but I didn't care and turned on the music anyway... The music stops after about like 3 sec and the screen is just black and it's not sowing any signs of life but I didn't care because I tough that the beats audio soundcard drew a lot of power so I waited for the bus to arrive at the station near my house. When I got home I plugged it in and waited for it to start but it didn't so I tried start it my self but it went in to hboot screen and I noticed that the volume down button wasn't klicking and it didn't choose anything when I presst the button so I held in power and v-up button and it started in safe mode and I don't know how to get out of it.

    No 3rd Party apps are listed in my Apps folder or are listed as widgets. Play store tells me they are all installed thought

    Nothing happens when I press power in hboot so I can't get it factory reset.

    I really hope you guys can help.

    Thanks for listening.


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