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Phone update and quick memo?Support

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  1. mb41186

    mb41186 Well-Known Member

    So after reading through this forum I find out that the update my phone did was just for some dumb quick memo app that I will never use? was there any other changes? it was about a 200mb download I was sure that the phone was going to update to a better android version.

  2. kwknott

    kwknott Well-Known Member Developer

    Should have been only around 35mb. That's how big my dl was.

    The update added quick memo, sprint installer and an updated my zone account app. The 2nd is a background app so you won't see it. They were crap to me so I removed em.

    The update also supposedly fixed the error 67 people were getting. It also did some patching to the existing apps, boot partition and recovery partition and wrote a new radio Image.

    So to make all this simple... yes the only thing you will see a difference with is the addition of quickmemo.
  3. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    Since I got the update I've had fewer 104 errors. I still don't have as good of 3G as I did with my Optimus V, but it is better than it was.

    I use QuickMemo for taking screenshots. I wish that it was activated from the long press power button rather than vol+/- though.
  4. kwknott

    kwknott Well-Known Member Developer

    The power button would have been a better option
  5. mb41186

    mb41186 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I remember it saying download completed it was a little over 200mbs, also does anyone else have problems with txting? like I have to restart my phone sometimes because usually once every couple of days the service just stops randomly working when it comes to sending or receiving texts.
  6. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    I had this problem. I had to call VMU and they changed something on my account and I got two weeks worth of texts in a minute.
  7. mb41186

    mb41186 Well-Known Member

    usually doesn't happen often, and it's not a huge fault I mean I like the phone but I'm thinking about upgrading to the Galaxy Reverb

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