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  1. wildneg

    wildneg Member This Topic's Starter

    Feb 22, 2009
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    Alright, my phone has had two system updates in the past month and a half. The first updated disabled something I was able to do all the time and I need to know if there is anyway to retrieve this...

    I have my phone on the AT&T network. It works fine everywhere but near my house. I live out in the sticks. The phone, once it drops off the AT&T network, will attach to the roaming network (Centennial Wireless). I get almost full bars on their network.

    Problem is, at my house, it will always try attaching to AT&T's network and can cause some issues. I bought this phone because I was told (and it worked up till the system update) I could switch between towers.

    What I would do is go into Settings, Wireless Controls, Mobile Networks, and Network Operators. It would search for all available. I would see when near my house, AT&T's and Centennials. Now after the system update, I only have AT&T and I can no longer select Centennial unless the phone grabs it automatically because it drops from AT&Ts tower (looses total signal).

    I obviously want the best signal (Centennial) when I am at home for email, internet, and phone calls. Why was this disabled? Anyway I can get this back? Or anyway I can get APN settings and when at home, attach to Centennial via APN settings perhaps? Need someway to get this back.

    I guess worst case, I can perhaps 'deupdate' the last two updates? Let me know, thanks.

    - Kevin


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