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Phone will not ring with caller ringtoneSupport

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  1. HarryO

    HarryO New Member


    I've set the caller ID ring tone to the desired tone but when the call comes in it won't use that ring tone. It will ring with the one I have set for general calls. Why is that? I've tried many times to correct that but still no luck.

    I'm still using 1.6, I want to see if things work before I upgrade to 2.1

    Any thought on this would be much appreciated. Thanks


    JROMAG New Member

    hi, I am having the same problem, I set ringtones for certain numbers and it just uses the default ringtone, someone out there must have a solution for this and I am sure it would be greatly appreciated, I tried deleting and re-installing contacts to no avail...help....thanks....John, u.s. navy retired
  3. JJdaCool

    JJdaCool Member

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