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  1. Taresafoo

    Taresafoo Member

    I was in the android market downloading an adobe flash update when my phone froze all. I tried to restart my phone but it wouldn't work so I pulled the battery out and now my phone wont boot up! I tried plugging it in and it wont recognize the charger, is there anything i can do? I dont have any roms or anything special, I just use a diff launcher.:(

  2. ganj_420

    ganj_420 Well-Known Member

    Try to boot into H-boot by holding the volume down button then the power button at the same time. It should boot to a white screen with text and different options. If it does, you can use the volume up/down button to scroll the different options and there should be an option to reboot in that menu. Select reboot with the power button and see if that works. If not you can either try a factory reset or if you can't get into H-boot at all I would take it to Verizon for exchanging.
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  3. Taresafoo

    Taresafoo Member

    I did a factory reset and I'm back up and running, thanks so much!!

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