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  1. sunderland5

    sunderland5 Member

    was okay until earlier
    now it wont charge if i stick charge in or even use the usb connects and makes the noise but nothing happens
    however it does look like it wll charge when its switched off
    anyone got an idea


  2. thehip66

    thehip66 Member

    when something weird happens , first thing i try is power off , remove battery for a minute and try again
  3. sunderland5

    sunderland5 Member

    I upgraded the firm ware last night and you could see the battery charge icon going up and down as charging but now it says its charging? but doesnt move up or down anymore?

    was on 50%
    took the battery out and switched it back on and it told me battery was 45%
  4. sunderland5

    sunderland5 Member

    got it to charge but soon as it hits 15% left when I plug it in to charge It drops away while am doing stuff with the charger in , I used to be able to do stuff while it charges but now it eats aways

    anyone else had the upgrade? just wondered if your green battery icon moves when you charge, now it just has a lightening bolt on instead but doesnt move. was okay till upgrade
  5. naith_kk

    naith_kk Well-Known Member

    What currently is the android version of your phone?
    Did you encounter the problem before or after the firmware upgrade?
    How long at most, has the battery taken out? Try leaving it out for at least 3-5 minutes and then try powering up your phone again.
  6. Prithwin

    Prithwin New Member

    remove your battery and place is back it should work fine(alternatively hold the power and volume up button for about 8 seconds)
  7. sunderland5

    sunderland5 Member

    have got android 4.0.3

    It was okay till the upgrade. Not sure if the battery icon not moving when charging is to do with the new upgrade, that seems to be the key- it seems to have changed shape slightly

    I'll try leaving the battery out for 5 mins

    8% of the battery is being using by gallery, even though there is nothing in it?

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