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  1. tjonline1991

    tjonline1991 Well-Known Member

    When I plug my phone into the charger it says "charging" but it's actually not. The only thing it is doing is holding the current charge so it doesn't deplete any more. I know this because I left it on the charger all night and when I woke up, it was still on 6%. It seemed only a certain outlet in my bathroom would charge the phone & it would only charge when its off.. does anyone know a fix to this?

  2. ral446

    ral446 Active Member

    Do you have a computer with a USB port you can plug it in to? If it charges that way at least it will identify the part that plugs into the outlet as the problem.
  3. Frank The Tank

    Frank The Tank Well-Known Member

    Call ZTE. Might be a bad battery
  4. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Well-Known Member Developer

    well, you might think its the battery, but according to what was described
    it sounds like it could be one of many things, first, i would try a different charger, not just the cable, not just the part that hooks into the wall, whole thing, if that doesnt help, try plugging it in somewhere outside your house, not like in the front yard, like someone elses house, might be bad wiring in your home though i dont see how that could effect just the phone and not any other devices, could also be a bad charge port, or it could be a bad battery as they say but id explore all other options before going out and buying a bunch of crap that wont help
  5. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Well-Known Member Developer

    brightness wouldnt have any effect unless the phone is set up to not turn off the screen while charging which has to be set manually, background processes are possible but for that kind of battery drain from just background processes it would have to be running something that takes up the whole cpu at all times which would cause an even bigger problem, the phone would barely be running at all. data usage however is a possibility, if you are using all of your 3g connection at all times even when you arent touching the phone that could potentially drain the battery while charging, other than that though im gonna have to say it would be hardware issues, bad cord, bad charger, bad battery, bad wiring, bad port. and as far as contacting zte or boost, i have never seen either of them be helpful myself, every time i ever had to call boost they didnt know what i was talking about, and they not only werent helpful but half the time i had to tell them how to do their job. sad really. and last time i tried to talk to zte they told me they dont have access to things they make, they are notorious for blaming others for their mistakes, sending out the same pre written emails to everyone that have nothing to do with the questions you ask, and lieing to customers just to make them happy so theyll stop bugging them
  6. Frank The Tank

    Frank The Tank Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know why my phone says I have 579 mb of total ram in task manager? I thought the sequent was supposed to have 768 or something like that
  7. Frank The Tank

    Frank The Tank Well-Known Member


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  8. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Well-Known Member Developer

    youll have to take that up with zte. far as i know that is the amount of ram that comes on the phone, the rest is unusable, possibly dedicated to system resources if it even exists
  9. Frank The Tank

    Frank The Tank Well-Known Member

    So the 574 or whatever is in the screenshot is like that on every sequent? Because the rest is dedicated to the system.
  10. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Well-Known Member Developer

    as far as i know that is the proper amount of ram for every sequent yes, that is the same amount cm shows which is completely different from stock
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  11. joeewhite

    joeewhite Active Member

    Happened to me a few times after some research i figured out it was my downloaded apps running processes so i removed ones i didnt use and bought a high speed memory card transfered all apps i could to it turned off my phone while on the charger waited about 5mins turned it back on and said 36% originally said 4% and if im home and not needed i turn on airplane mode cuz it charges faster also works for some games that get ad happy lol

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