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  1. Roachk1lla

    Roachk1lla Member

    Another problem I have after not having any problems! My phone will not make any sound at all. I have all the volumes turned up and nothing. Phones calls, movies, songs, text messages, no noise. I have even factory reset the phone much to my dismay. Anything I can do to fix this? I have had the phone 2 months and loved it, now I am thinking maybe I should have just went Iphone4.

  2. PhazonJuke

    PhazonJuke Member

    This same exact thing just started happening to my phone. I noticed it when i switched to speakerphone i couldnt hear my friend but he could hear me. When speaker phone was turned off i could hear him fine. I had him call me back, and i never even heard the phone ring. I missed tons of text messages and phone calls. When i would watch videos or something i couldnt hear anything. I checked all the sound settings and made sure everything was on. Rebooted the phone and everything. Nothing worked. I factory reset it and still nothing.

    So while watching a video i slapped the back of my phone and the volume kicked back in. It soon went right back out. I slapped it again and repeated this process for sometime before it finally came back on. It's been on for like 3-4 days now no problem.

    I'm still going to be returning it though either through Samsung or ATT.

    I've had this phone since august and this is my first and only issue with the phone.
  3. Roachk1lla

    Roachk1lla Member

    I the warrant department today, they are sending me a new phone.
  4. PhazonJuke

    PhazonJuke Member

    Did you contact att or Samsung?
  5. intelll

    intelll Member

    Same problem, I stick little block of paper next to speaker and force the cover down. Now it works fine, Fu** samsung.

    Phazonjuke: how long do you own the phone? and Who do you CALL?? ATT or SAMSUNG.
  6. intelll

    intelll Member

    Roachk1lla ??
  7. PhazonJuke

    PhazonJuke Member

    I got my phone the first week of September. This started happening very recently. I haven't contacted either yet because NT to know from others who's the better one to deal with. I don't want to get crapped on by either into waiting like a week for a replacement phone that will just be someone else's refurbished garbage. I want a brand new phone with no problems. My phone is in perfect condition, I've never dropped it and it looks just as it did the day I purchased it. There's no excuse for this hardware failure.
  8. Dennis_Bham

    Dennis_Bham Well-Known Member

    Same problem here -:mad:- looks like a loose connection to the speaker inside the phone ... pressure on the case around the speaker restores the audio, but eventually fails again days later.

    I turned on audio feedback on button presses so I can monitor the failure easier.
  9. erie711

    erie711 New Member

    Same problem...yesterday morning, unplugged phone from charger...NO SOUND from external speaker!! Pressed on speaker, it worked for a few minutes, now NOTHING!!! Tried to press on it again, "nada" mad right now, phone is protected by Otterbox and is only 3 months old....fml.
  10. dizz109

    dizz109 New Member

    Mine has been doing this. But only with the text tone. The volume is up but it is not helping. I have slapped the back ect. But it still wont work grr.
  11. cjman250

    cjman250 New Member

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