phone won't oni

  1. cookie11

    cookie11 Active Member

    i had a go at updating my rooted google magic but gave it up as a bad job.
    anyway after about a week of it working fine i downloaded from the marketplace lastnight an alarm clock but i came to my phone this morning & the phone is switched off.
    it will start with the vodaphone screen then it goes to the htc screen & then thats it. every so often the HTC screen blinks then comes back on.
    please help as i'm stuck with out it

  2. dakiato

    dakiato Member

    Can you put it into HBoot or FastBoot? Try turning on your phone with Power + Back and then flash a new ROM onto it that way. You should be able to recover your phone this way.

    Or if you have the Recovery partition from Cyanogen you can boot with Home + Power and flash a new ROM that way.

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