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  1. foilist13

    foilist13 New Member

    I started having this problem a while ago. I would plug the phone in and have to hold the charger in a certain position to get it to charge properly. I solved this problem twice by getting a new charger, but eventually these would experience the same problems.

    Then the phone started to not recognize the chargers at all unless in really wonky positions, and then it would occasionally start buzzing between charging and not charging.

    Now, even with a brand new charger it simply won't charge at all. How do I fix this without buying a new phone?

  2. Ikenstein

    Ikenstein Well-Known Member

    Check the port on your phone. If it is dirty or bent, this will cause the issue you've described. Clean the port (there are directions available online) or take your phone to a local phone repair shop.
  3. daunstoppabull

    daunstoppabull New Member

    I have had this problem when i bought the phone a year ago and had this problem for 2 months. I went to service centre and they told me that the port where I connect my cable to on the phone had to replace.. now it works fine

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