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Phone won't ring - HELP!!Support

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  1. kendogg

    kendogg Well-Known Member

    So, as of about yesterday I'd say my Indulge stopped ringing. Calls come thru like normal, but it won't ring anymore. All of the other system beeps and blorps work, but no ringers. It won't sample or play them at all in the music player either. The alarm ringer isn't working either. HELP!!!

    FWIW, I'm running the Basix ROM as well, which has been flawless for about 6 months. I don't download ANYTHING, literally. I only have 2 ringtones on the phone, and they're ones I made, not downloaded from somewhere on the web. Can anybody help??

    OK, now I just tried it, and it's ringing when I call it from my stores landline phone. And the music player. WTF???? Is it simply toying with my emotions???

  2. kendogg

    kendogg Well-Known Member

    I also noticed something else too. When looking at my sound settings, in the Call RIngtones, there is a ton there that I never downloaded - some generic type tone called 'Join Hangout', but it's not there under notification tones. Could this tone be a corrupted file causing issues maybe? I plan to plug in and delete it when I get home from work tonight. Is there a way to get to the SD cards files from the handset by chance, so I can do it now?

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