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  1. BPerth

    BPerth New Member


    I have an Android phone I bought from china (need I say more!).

    It was called a Gryphon, although dialing *#06# reveals 2 numbers:

    imei1: 358809026445389
    imei2: 358809026581753

    These numbers reveal a phone, JINPENG S2000, that looks nothing like my phone and has totally different specs.

    The phone I have has a 5 inch screen, 5 mp cam etc.

    It actually works OK but has developed a problem, namely that it doesn't ring. During incoming calls the phone vibrates but does not ring. I've tried resetting the audio profile and restoring factory defaults.

    Is there a way I can be sure about whether the problem is a hardware or software problem?

    What else can I try to get it to ring again?

    It's a pity. Apart from this it's not a bad phone.

    Any helpful suggestions appreciated.



  2. fordgt72

    fordgt72 New Member


    Probably already tried this but, have you tried changing your ring-tone? Also when you select a different ring-tone can you hear it(should play as sample). If not then what happens when you play music or video files, can you hear them?

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