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phone won't sleep/lockSupport

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  1. alecks

    alecks Member

    This just started happening. The Dinc won't auto lock itself nor will it go into screen lock when I press the hold/power button. I set the screen lock time to 15 seconds and after 15 seconds the screen only dims but doesn't lock.

    When I press the power button to awake the Dinc it pops up to home screen or which ever screen I slept it at.

    i tried uninstalling the apps I updated and downloaded but no luck

    Installed ATK just to see what apps were running. Everything looked normal
    I took of the reminder I had in my calendar and the phone is locking itself after screen timeout has expired and power key works. I put my reminder back onto my event and it is still locking.

    Dinc has a mind of its own and was probably amped up on Starbucks since I had some today for the first time since owning the Dinc

  2. Diabl0

    Diabl0 Well-Known Member

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