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  1. Kuroyukihime

    Kuroyukihime Member


    So i've been trying to charge my phone while its off but it keeps turning back on no matter what I do. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if theres an solutions I don't know about!

    Should I use my warranty to get a new phone? or is there a solution?

  2. zc1

    zc1 Well-Known Member

    Didn't have the same problem, but similar. My screen would turn on once the battery was fully charged, and stay on until I manually turned it off. This meant that if I plugged it in before going to bed then it would stay on all night...less than ideal. This was a change from previous so I figured it was probably due to something that I had installed. I uninstalled a bunch of apps that I hadn't used or just didn't need and, fortunately, the problem disappeared. I still don't know which of the apps was causing the problem.
  3. Kuroyukihime

    Kuroyukihime Member

    ah. i re did my phone 2 times but the problem didn't go away :(

    xDEADFAMOUSx New Member

    this kept happening to me, so changed my charger and it worked :)
  5. Kuroyukihime

    Kuroyukihime Member

    oh really? I'll try that then! thank you :)
  6. edlps

    edlps Member

    My phone will not turn off when charging in my car on a usb charger for my lighter, but i can turn it off while charging when plugged into a wall charger.

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