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  1. NJ Droid

    NJ Droid Active Member

    When I turn the phone off it resets. If I pull the battery and pop it back in, it turns on as soon as I put it in. Any ideas?

  2. kraisydave

    kraisydave Well-Known Member

    Once its started all the way back up, does it then run normal? Or is the power cutting in and out or just staying on?

    Are you running anything custom? Some things such as CWM get the buttons remapped to the liking of the dev. Maybe there is a glitch and a reflash of a good copy would fix you up.

    Just a thought...

  3. write.artie

    write.artie Active Member

    I found a solution! After researching for hours i finally figured it out on my own. Go into applications-->settings-->dock settings-->auto launch->never then click ok and restart. Apparently having the dock settings on "always" triggers a restart for some reason when you hit power off. This fixed the problem for me. Thought I'd share.:)

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