Phone won't stay turned off

  1. dakoop

    dakoop Well-Known Member

    I charge my phone right next to the bed. This silly thing won't turn off. I hit power then select power off and 10 seconds later the phone turns back on!
    Is there a setting I can change to fix the issue?
    Anybody else having the same problem?

  2. Lafond

    Lafond Member

    Yes, the Droid is always on when charging. Not sure about an app to fix it, but I just turn the phone to silent (at the lock screen, move your finger to the left). Works fine for me since I never turn my phones off.
  3. Polymira

    Polymira Well-Known Member

    Phone will stay off if it's not charging.
  4. dakoop

    dakoop Well-Known Member

    Wonder why they did that
  5. Chet

    Chet Well-Known Member

  6. jnm988

    jnm988 New Member

    Its especially stupid considering the manual for the Droid suggests training the battery by letting it run down until it turns off and then full charging it with it turned off. How annoying.

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