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  1. finlayj

    finlayj Member

    Occasionally my phone will not text (write). I will tape or swpye on the keyboard and the word won't appear.

    Turning it off and on solves the problem, but it really isn't convenient.

    Any ideas?

  2. onree

    onree Member

    This happens to me too. I've tried switching over to the other stock keyboard and that will work for a while but sometimes that starts doing the same thing. It's very weird and very annoying.

    The next time it happens to you, also try using the phone dialer -- that also stops working for me. It will let you put in the numbers, but it won't let you hit the green dial button!

    What apps do you have on your phone? I keep wondering if it's something I've got loaded, but I have a lot of apps so hard to isolate.
  3. onree

    onree Member

    (Sorry -- double post.)
  4. wubbie075

    wubbie075 Well-Known Member

    That used to happen to me occasionally, but not for a long time. No clue if I did anything that fixed it or I've just been lucky.

    (I just jinxed myself obviously, and it will probably happen in the next 2 hours, lol)
  5. finlayj

    finlayj Member

    It's happening more frequently now. Sometimes multiple times a day. I have a traffic cam, angry birds, any beer abv, barcode scanner, beer free, epicurious, geico brostache, google sky map, mixology, mp3 music download, redbox,shazam, silentsnap,translate,us army survival guide, unblock me, urbanspoon, and walkpaper maker.

    I'm sure theres some overlap.

    Sometimes i switch back to the regular type and it works for a little, but not long or sometimes doesnt work.
  6. onree

    onree Member

    Incredibly, we have almost no overlap. The only app in your list that I have on my phone is Unblock Me (I have the free version).
  7. finlayj

    finlayj Member

    I have unblock me free as well. I was too lazy at the time to put that in. I'll remove it and see if it helps?
  8. onree

    onree Member

    Yeah, will do the same over here, we'll see. Seems hard to believe that it's the culprit, but who knows.
  9. SporkLover

    SporkLover Well-Known Member

    Try this. Whenever you have a weird issue like no text appearing, dead screen taps, apps not launching.... etc.....

    Go into Task Killer and kill the market. Then go and try again.

    I've got a few annoying behaviors that this seems to fix.
  10. onree

    onree Member

    Well, it finally happened again (even after uninstalling Unblock Me) -- killing Market didn't work either.
  11. finlayj

    finlayj Member

    It's still happening for me as well, even after uninstalling unblock me.

    It is less frequent however. Doesn't make it less annoying.
  12. sjamie

    sjamie Well-Known Member

    Yes, this happens to me too and I've never used Unblock Me.

    Does Fastboot fix the problem when it occurs? I haven't installed it yet because I am about to do a factory reset and flash the latest SBF.
  13. onree

    onree Member

    Was doing really well (no issues for several weeks) but the past three or four days, it's been back with a vengeance. Pretty much at a loss.
  14. sjamie

    sjamie Well-Known Member

    Yeah, my phone is getting attacked hard too! :mad:

    And most of the time the Android Market is not even running. Therefore, I can't kill it to restore typing capabilities. The only thing that is working is doing a full reboot. That fastboot stuff has never resolved this issue for me.
  15. finlayj

    finlayj Member

    It's been awhile. Wanted to check back in.

    I ended going to sprint and getting a new photon since the other one had been giving me so many problems. Not only the not texting, but random reboots, and not receiving texts for hours at a time.

    Unfortunately this is still occurring. All of them actually.

    I have to assume it's something I've downloaded, but I've tried to be way more careful this time no avail.

    Any one have any success?
  16. sjamie

    sjamie Well-Known Member

    On my phone, Smart Keyboard Pro was causing the keyboard lock ups and Enhanced Email was causing the random reboots.

    I replaced Smart Keyboard Pro with A.I.Type Keyboard and all texting/typing issues have disappeared.

    The developer of Enhanced Email updated the app to work better with Motorola phones and as a result, the random reboots have ceased. I am now officially a member of the "My Photon is Perfect" fan club. :D

    THANK GOD!!!
  17. onree

    onree Member

    Yes, after sjamie's work with the Enhanced E-Mail developer, my problems with the rebooting and the non-responsive keyboard have gone away. Thanks sjamie!
  18. sjamie

    sjamie Well-Known Member

    You're welcome, my friend! ;)

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