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phone won't turn on - safe mode?General

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  1. lilm3gzx3

    lilm3gzx3 New Member

    my phone freaked out a few nights ago, screen started flickering & menus were popping up ghost like. it was very strange... i thought it would be best to try to turn it off & back on. turned it off for a few & turned it back on & the bottom of the screen said something about "safe mode" & the screen flickered some more. i turned it off for a while & then plugged it into my charger. after a few it wouldn't turn on unless it was on the charger... & over night it stopped working. now it won't turn back on at all. not sure what happend. i've tried some of the hard reset options i've found online, but it just won't turn on. not even when it's plugged into the charger now. :( i've only had this phone for about 4 months.

  2. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    Are you rooted? And have you tried a battery pull?
  3. EGAcls

    EGAcls Member

    Samething happen to me the way I fixed it was to do a battery pool then boot into recovery by holding vol down, camra and power at the same time or if you have CWM to boot into recovery you hold vol down and power tell you see the samsung logo then let go of power still holding vol down.

    Off topic here but when I try to boot into CWM recovery I see the open box with a arrow then right after that I see a big ! and it boots into android system recovery can anyone tell me how to fix this I have tried reinstalling CWM so its not that. Also when it boots into android system recovery I get E: can't find misc and all I can do is reboot the phone.
  4. splifmyster

    splifmyster Well-Known Member

    Hey did it come in contact with any water how ever small
  5. splifmyster

    splifmyster Well-Known Member

    Can u do a factory reset if do that
  6. EGAcls

    EGAcls Member

    I got it fixed just have not had time to get on here and post I did not have the right drivers installed. I installed PDAnet on my phone and computern the CWM install worked so thawas my bad. Thanks for the help. Tho.

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