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  1. android255

    android255 New Member

    I had the phone for.. about a week now..
    I was cleaning the house and I put it on the top of my bra strap to listen to music at the same time.
    After the song finished I was done with cleaning so I took it out to call someone but now it won't turn on.
    It was completely fine.
    I have pressed on the power button loads of times but it just vibrates.
    What do I do and what's wrong with it?


  2. Seed Sprout

    Seed Sprout New Member

    My android ZTE is on but when I touch the screen to open it, it does nothing. I can restart it and shut it down but nothing. I had an incoming call that I didn't answer it and after that is when all this happened. my number buttons are even faintly showing.

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