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    Jul 4, 2012
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    Hello, Recently I turned off my phone to go charge it, I came back to having it not turn on, I tried many ways to try to fix it, Replace the battery, Sim, etc etc, it pulls up the Samsung galaxy s 2 thing when you go to launch it( The logo/Name) Then it keeps repeating it again and again and it wont turn on completely, I really need to use it, since im going away from family tomorrow. If any of you know how to fix this, then please let me know.

    Thanks, Colin.

  2. lunatic59

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    Jun 12, 2010
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    Sorry for not seeing this earlier Colin. Did you ever get your problem addressed?

    If not you might want to see if you can boot into recovery ... press and hold the vol. up and vol. down keys and press power until the logo flashes, then release the power button but continue to hold the volume keys until you boot into recovery. From there you can wipe data/factory reset.

    If you do this all your user data will be wiped from the phone including text messages, email, apps and most custom configuration. It should not affect files stored on your sd card or internal storage like ringtones, pictures or music.
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