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Phone Won't Turn OnSupport

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  1. ays17

    ays17 New Member

    Hi. My HTC Droid Incredible 2 refuses to turn on. When I take out the battery and turn it on, it gets stuck on the 'red eye,' and won't do anything. I've tried holding down both the power and volume buttons to do a factory reset, but once I select this and let it do this, it has an image of a phone with a green circle above it, and after a few moments, it turns off again and I can't get to the home screen. I'm quite frustrated and I really need some help with what I should do. Any help will be greatly appreciated- how do I get it to turn on?!?! (Also note that I don't know what many of these phone terms mean. :()

  2. ak074

    ak074 Member

    try to get to recovery. take the battery out/put it back in/hold vol down/press and release power button/dont let go of vol down. you should now be in the bootloader (white screen, 3 androids at the bottom). from there, use vol up and down to navigate, highlight recovery and then press power. after a moment or 2, you will see a red triangle. when you do, press vol up and then press power. this should take you to recovery. from recovery, highlight wipe cache partition. then reboot system now. if the phone boots normally, enjoy. if not then do the above steps again except instead of wipe cache partition, select factory data reset. hope this helps
  3. yuyu

    yuyu New Member

    i have the same problem. only that when its coming to the 'red eye' it goes back to the first white screen than again to the 'red eye' over over till i take out the battery to stop it..

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