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Phonebook replacement?General

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  1. kennystorholt

    kennystorholt Active Member

    Does anyone know of an application or anything that changes the preinstalled phonebook on the x10 Android 1.6? I really hate that i first have to press their name then their number THEN press call. So anyone who knows a faster way to call ?

  2. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    There are quite a few phoneook type apps if you can access the market.

    I use two... Gesture Search which you use your finger to draw the first letter of the name of the contact (then second or third if you need to narrow it down) there is then a green phone by there name to press to dial or you can click on their name and it takes you to their contact page on the stock phone book.

    I also use MeContacts which gives you pages of tiles, each page you can name... friends, family, work etc. Each tile you allocate to one contact. The great thing about this app is you can group sms from it which you can't do on the stock sms app.

    I'm sure others will chip in with their favourites, if they are freebies download them and see what you think. We are all different and thankfully there are enough apps out there to keep most of us happy.
  3. KingDong

    KingDong Well-Known Member

    Gesture search is awesome but the wrist flip thing still doesn't work :(
  4. powerkiter

    powerkiter Well-Known Member

    If you want you can long press on the screen when you have the desktop open and then when the options box appears press shortcuts-direct dial-then choose the person you want from your contacts and it will add a direct dial icon on your screen.

    You could even add your own contacts folder by long pressing the screen-folders-new folder then add your direct dial contacts into the folder, with the folder open long press on the name of the folder and you can rename it.

    Or with the long press-folders route there is an option to add a contacts with numbers folder, click on that to add the folder to you're desktop and it will then give you a scrollable list like on most dumb phones.
  5. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    I emailed the dev about it when the update came out with it on but no, none of us could get it working. Cool in principle and maybe he'll have it sorted for the next update.

    I know its a bit gimmicky but I really like it!
  6. ECBomb

    ECBomb Well-Known Member

    I really like MeContacts too. The stock one I can live with or without, or another option could be putting your most called contacts on your desktop.

    Another widget you could look into is "Last Call Widget". It's a simple 4x1 or 2x1 widget that shows your last call. If you missed a call, you can just push on the widget to call the person back.

    I'm just waiting for the 2.1 update so I can download "Dialer One" from the Market. That's EXACTLY what I've been looking for!
  7. saltorio

    saltorio Well-Known Member

    A few others:
    - aContacts
    - Phonebook 2.0
  8. dbe4876

    dbe4876 New Member

    This is one thing iPhone did right for me. I liked the "Favorites" feature. And, the data entry for new contacts made perfect sense. Where is this kind of app for Android? :(

    So, here's what I'm looking for:
    ~ Favorites (a list of my most frequently called contacts, that I define)
    ~ Add Contact - where the information entry screen is simple and easy to navigate.
    ~ Easy to get to voicemail, and know when you have messages.

  9. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    For Favorites, either create a group or just look in your recent calls...or go to the dial screen and start typing their name

    For add new contact, dial their number then long hold on their number and add them as a contact....or have them call you, then under recent calls, add them as a contact

    For voicemail, create a phonebook entry for your voicemail phone number....every cell company has a different way of connecting to voicemail.
    For my voicemail number I called the entry :voicemail: because it puts special characters at the top of the list....so just put a hyphen or a colon or something in front of it.....or call it A-Voicemail-A

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