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Phones for construction superintendents (3)

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  1. sbbamafan

    sbbamafan Well-Known Member

    My boss has decided to put me in charge of selecting communication devices to step into the 21st century. The old nextel phones will be history. Smartphones are required for email, photos, etc. I have had 4 android phones over the years so I might be biased, but it sounds like that is the way to go. Boss says keep it cheep so I am hoping there are some decent phones for free (even my Nexus S 4g is free now at Best Buy). We have long ago earned free upgrades for all people. What do you recommend? Important is ease of use, durability, preferably a better camera than the Nexus S has. I phones are too costly so lets rule that out...

    Thanks in advance.

  2. omiller315

    omiller315 Well-Known Member

    Can't speak for durability, but the EVO 4G LTE has a phenomenal camera. I would throw an Otterbox Defender or wait til Ballistic releases the cases for it. I would think one of the 2 would be a must in construction. The Evo is 4.7inch screen though. A plus for some people but a negative for others. I had mine a month and loved it. I only had this and the OG Evo, so I can't speak for other phones when it comes to camera, but I do know I can get 3 days on this battery with light use. Doing the same on the old Evo, I couldnt get past a day.
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  3. briankeene

    briankeene Member

    If you want your phone actually working you might want to look into Verizon
  4. RedSun

    RedSun Active Member

    are you implying that everyones phone on sprint doesen't work?
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  5. briankeene

    briankeene Member

    Mine hasn't worked since March. Nobody in my area has satisfactory service. Upgrades are killing people.
  6. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    My Sprint phone always works, I will NEVER go back to Verizon. Their customer service is terrible!

    Back on topic... With the Galaxy SIII launching you should be able to get the GSII relatively cheap. The camera is great on it. I have dropped mine a few times and it is fine, but if you are worried about durability a good case will take care of that.
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  7. catpowrd

    catpowrd Well-Known Member

    Consider the Motorola Admiral, we have a pair and seem pretty good Direct Connect is almost as good as Nextel now, battery lasts all day, I got 23 hrs. For employee work phones the direct connect is nice to have.
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  8. KeithSr

    KeithSr Well-Known Member

    If I was supplying my workers (mostly Carpenters) with phones, I'd get them the Blackberry Curve for free or for $49 get the next one up. I had the Curve 9350 before I got my GS3, it was great for work! Plus it has a 5mp camera... and what is Blackberry best for? Email!
  9. KeithSr

    KeithSr Well-Known Member

    I think Nextel invented MMS... LOL, didn't they?
  10. tenceriker

    tenceriker Active Member

    Sorry to hear about your service troubles but badmouthing one company doesn't make the other look any better. I have both Sprint and Verizon and quality wise (3G/Calling/texting) I couldn't tell the difference. Now with 4GLTE I can but Verizon has had what, 2 year headstart I would expect it to be better than a 1 month startup. When I go up to the Blue Ridge Mountains only Sprint has consistent GPS/service so where you live pick the best service for your area of service. Depending on where you live/what you want even Cricket might be on the table service wise.

    On topic the Dura-branded phones (XT,Core,Plus) are going to be some of the most tough but if you need picture quality as well then I had to say this but consider all your options from the Galaxy SII Buy one get on free to even the Iphone 4 to or go the Blacberry if your budget is strict. And regardless which device you pick when paired with an Otterbox Defender case and TEP/App+ care you will have excellent reliablity and protection incase of the worst.
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  11. KeithSr

    KeithSr Well-Known Member

    I was thinking... maybe you pick something the boss will say okay to, tell the guys to look online and if they want a better phone, they can kick in the extra. They should not be opposed to that if the boss is paying for the plan.
  12. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    I am going to think on this and make some suggestions tomorrow. I can even set everything up if you choose. I run a Sprint biz store

    So far you have some tough criteria but I bet we can find a match

    1. Durrability, given other requirements I think cases are definitely a must
    2. Great camera
    3. Email/ smartphone capable

    Are the direct connect features of the current phones still needed

    Pm me as much info as you can. I did read correctly that the biz is currently with sprint?
    How many lines are required?

    There are definitely phones that meet one criterea but not the other
    Durability and great camera just don't really go together...bit like I said I think the right mix can be found
  13. KeithSr

    KeithSr Well-Known Member

  14. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

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