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  1. adri1203

    adri1203 New Member

    Posting in behalf of my mother. If this is in the wrong forum, feel free to move it to the appropriate one.

    Now, my mother has the Samsung Galaxy S

  2. harrise31

    harrise31 New Member

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it is doing it again. I got the phone in December and all I wanted was a good phone. Now, I regret ever buying this phone. Every time I go to turn it off or leave it alone the android system always wants to download something. I can't believe I let At&t trick me into buying this piece of garbage. Is anyone else out there having this problem??
  3. marcus304j

    marcus304j Member

    These messages should be in two diff threads.

    You need to sync with Samsung Kies or use Odin

    Odin link:
    How To Unbrick Or Restore Samsung Captivate

  4. marcus304j

    marcus304j Member

    Your phone is trying to update itself to the latest version. It is safe. This is unavoidable as it allows you to defer the update for up to 8 hours. You MUST do this or it will continue to nag you.

    Allow it to update and you should be fine. No worries.


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