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  1. Matt43

    Matt43 Well-Known Member

    Saw a really cool app on my mate's i-phone that ages faces in photos (aging booth I think ???) Anyone know if a similar thing is available for the X10? Tried searching the market but no luck. Thanks

  2. huntleth

    huntleth Well-Known Member

    I tried finding one of these too, but to no avail, I also couldn't find the one that puts a massive beard on your face :(
  3. Gurba

    Gurba Well-Known Member

    There are some distortion apps.
  4. frankbonatelli

    frankbonatelli Well-Known Member

    I have used VIGNETTE since i purchased the phone (lack of geotagging on the origanle firmware) It has all manner of filters and settings. They are to be used dureing the photo shoot. Ie if you want to see a foto as black and white (or sapia which is that ageing color foto look) you can select that filter and take you shot. Or you can select a foto with in the app itself and apply the filter of choice as well.
  5. Gurba

    Gurba Well-Known Member

    I think that they are talking about an app that makes people look old or fat. :) Luckily I don't need either. ;)
  6. knogking

    knogking New Member

    Hi, I've searched for this and just found it today. Its called "HourFace". you can use the camera on your phone or use an existing photo. It also animates your head in 3D, really freaky. Looks like you are looking around and blinking all from a still photo. On the htc Desire if you put the phone flat it pauses the aging process, the more you tilt the phone the quicker you age. you can save still images or send them straight to face book. The app cost 350 yen, around
  7. ECBomb

    ECBomb Well-Known Member

    Don't sleep for a week, eat lots of junk food, don't exercise, do not apply any face wash or face cream, do not wash or groom your face, take a picture of yourself, and I'm sure you'll get similar results :D
  8. pyromatic18

    pyromatic18 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'm sure you could do that with your friends for a bit of fun

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