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photo deleting help

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  1. manny53o

    manny53o Member

    ok well i delete the photos from the gallery and me being a simple non tech person i figure it has been deleted. but when i go to transfer photos to my pc from my phones i see every photo i have taken with the phone and sometimes it is copied more than once so it makes finding the original photos i wanted to transfer so much harder. does anyone know how to premintly delete these unwanted photos??

  2. RigelX

    RigelX Well-Known Member

    Are the pictures still there or just the thumbnails? Did you get the Sense update yet?
    I had a problem a few months ago with pictures moved off the phone to my computer leaving the thumbnails behind.
    tapping the thumbnail in the photo viewer would cause it to lock up trying to load a non-existent picture.
    Everything seemed to fix itself after the Sense update last month.
  3. manny53o

    manny53o Member

    i bought the phone and it has been rooted and is running the virtious unity software.....and not really tech savy so not sure what a thumb nail is but the deleted photos are no longer in the gallery in the phone i can only see then when i connect my phone to a pc and try to upload that way. just gets old having 4 copies of the same picture i deleted months ago in my view as im trying to search for the photo i want to upload

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