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  1. npa

    npa Member

    I have an S4 and have been trying to upload my holiday pics from an album folder on my S4 to my PC - whilst it should be straight fwd, I seem to have done something, so much so that the pics aren't located on "the Camera". However, I can see them in something called "camera uploads". On the "camera" there are 780 pics. In the "camera upload" option, there are 1348 pics. Is there anyway of retrieving pics from "camera uploads" and placing them in a folder to allow upload to my PC? I was in the process of transferring them and a power blip interrupted the transfer - it is at this stage that all the holiday snaps disappeared from their individual folder. I hope this is clear?

    Many thanks

  2. SebaKL

    SebaKL Well-Known Member

    I believe "Camera Upload" it's a Dropbox photo folder. You could missed that upon setting up dropbox, and enable the feature responsible for instant upload of image, as soon as you taken, or as soon as you get within WiFi.

    Check your dropbox, go to the PHOTOS link, and see if you can find your photos there.
  3. npa

    npa Member

    Thanks. I think you are correct. Unfortunately, it looks like DropBox has not got all my photos. Do you know if there is a way of recovering deleted photos? Is there a recovery tool somewhere? I don't have an SD card so don't know how they are stored.


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