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  1. jonathanrz

    jonathanrz Well-Known Member

    Always when I delete or move a photo to another directory, the picture remains in photo gallery, and when I select the picture, is show a message telling that the picture doesn't exists anymore.:confused:

    You use the default photo gallery or another app?

    I wish I could reset the database of photos.

  2. !on

    !on Well-Known Member

    Did you try clearing data in settings > manage apps > gallery,

    Then also in settings, unmount then remount sd card? I'm guessing this is a similar problem to music library corruption, so do the above to rescan the media.

    If you have folder that you don't want to show images from, then make a blank text file & save as ".nomedia" (when you save this file, choose all file types, not just text). This tells it not to scan media in that folder.

    As an aside to this, I recommend downloading any cache cleaner app from the market. I used to get loads of library corruption in music or pictures but since using a cache cleaner I've not had any such problems!
  3. jonathanrz

    jonathanrz Well-Known Member

    I upgraded my cell phone today, so my gallery is ok now, but if sometime I had the problem again, I will try yours solutions.

    Thanks :)

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