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  1. 33t

    33t Member

    this is really irritating.

    why are MMS photos received as short 10 second low resolution videos?

    I'm on ATT coming off an iPhone that never did such a stupid thing.

    I love the phone but this is nearly a deal breaker for me. Had the phone for 5 days.



  2. 33t

    33t Member

    and it appears to be compressing the images? WHY? This is pretty irritating.
  3. 33t

    33t Member

    and also what is this "message center" number?
  4. DJBerg

    DJBerg Member

    This could be as much of a sender issue as it could be your phone. Check what address they are sending to (ie. [ph number] or just [ph number])
  5. 33t

    33t Member

    no it's when i send also. i sent a photo to myself. it both sent and received as a ten second movie which is just a compressed still-frame of the actual image.
  6. 33t

    33t Member

    i like this phone, but its like the idiot savant of phones. really good at weird shit. terrible at the basics. I don't need that. I just want a fast phone that does normal things really really well.

    i'm not trying to compare to the iPhone 4s, but those are basically the only two phones in the market right now.... and it was between that one and the SGS2, and i went with this one.
  7. 33t

    33t Member

    another ridiculous issue is the full battery notification. I jumped out of bed last night because of it.... it's like a practical joke. serious what the ****.
  8. Admiral Buster

    Admiral Buster Active Member

    I really can't stand this..this was one of the first things I noticed. The person receiving the message still see's this as a pic though?
  9. CrimsonPride

    CrimsonPride Well-Known Member

    ill say it again, you dont receive it as a video, it plays it back as a slideshow. if there were other pictures you would scroll through them in 5 second intervals
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  10. Orianas

    Orianas New Member

    One thing you might try is downloading Handcent. Its not taht the phone is sending or receiving them as a video, the default messaging app is allowing you to view them as a slideshow, which I don't think you can change. Handcent is a replacement messaging app avaialble for free from the marketplace and adds a ton of functionality to the default like quick-reply popups from the lock screen and other things (this is what I like the most). The only issue is due to the phone using the Samsung Touchwiz UI there is no way (that I know of) to change the default behavior of the messaging icon.

    **edit: To change the default icons at the bottom go to the application screen hit the menu button and click edit. It should ask you to change to customizable grid. After you click yes you can drag the Handcent icon over the messaging icon allowing you to replace it. You can then change back to the default grid (alphabetical setup) by clicking menu again and choosing view type.
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  11. 33t

    33t Member

    I'm not downloading another messaging app. That's ridiculous. I can already imaging the irritation of receiving messages in two places.

    A slide show? That's a really silly default protocol. So to zoom in I have to save the pic and navigate to gallery. Really silly. Also the image is compressed??

    This phone is irritating me on so many levels. So many useless preinstalled apps, ridiculous battery full notification every night at 3am, takes like 5 hurs to charge, terrible mms, terrible email, terrible GPS interface.... I quit. This list goes on.
  12. CrimsonPride

    CrimsonPride Well-Known Member

    turning off 1 of the notifications takes no more than 15 seconds, if the messaging app is so terrible im sure you can spare 15 seconds to fix it

    so many useless preinstalled apps? remove them. and name 1 phone that doesnt come with preinstalled apps, there are a couple

    the full charge notification goes off at 3am every morning, not every night

    if you dont like the mms, change it. dont like the email, change it. dont like the gps, change it. eventhough google maps is the best gps interface there is, and ive never heard anyone complain about it but you, you can change it. that is the beauty of android
  13. Munchausen0

    Munchausen0 Active Member

    Just tested this using my N1 and sent a pic to my Wife G S2 (she wanted a upgrade so I said fine). She did receive it and played like a movie (even though it was a pic). Now I have never heard or seen anyone wanting to send more than 1 pic thru MMS at the same time (it is used for that 1 quick 'look what i am doing/where i am at' kind of quick pic..if peeps want to send more then that is what the internet is for (email/Picasa/Flickr/FB whatever one uses). Of course when she sent one to my N1 it was just a pic..plain and simple nothing fancy (as always with my N1).

    Now I was wondering does the i9100 do the same thing? If so then that I guess it is the design of the phone.. which really dose not bother me that much since I don't get that many pics thru MMS (most peeps go thru FB or other websites)

    Now I am either going to upgrade to the G S2 or the G Nexus..but so far I am leaning toward the G S2 (International or thru ATT I do not know yet depends if i want to sink the money into another phone like I did with my N1).
  14. thefunks67

    thefunks67 Well-Known Member

    Clearly you are more comfortable living in a shoe box. There is nothing wrong with that if that is were you are comfortable.

    I suggest you return the Galaxy and pick up a 4S. No point in aggravating your life over a phone. Props to for giving Android a try tho!

  15. Krunk83

    Krunk83 Well-Known Member

    I use handcent and turn off notifications for the other app. If you're that stuck on the iPhone still you can change the theme to an iPhone to make your fanboy-ness be fulfilled.
  16. CrimsonPride

    CrimsonPride Well-Known Member

    i believe all, or almost all, samsung phones do it. my captivate did it as well, so i believe the i9100 would also
  17. enojy

    enojy Active Member

    Chiming in to say that my AT&T SGS2 does this as well. I tried googling the issue, and get results dated back over a year. Seems to be an Android thing.

    The text message does indeed contain the image file(s), they are just processed as a slideshow for some god forsaken reason.

    Hopefully this changes in Ice Cream Sandwich; I can't imagine a single person who prefers to have a pointless 5-second slideshow of one image that you can't zoom into. Terrible design choice.
  18. thefunks67

    thefunks67 Well-Known Member

    I just spent the last 20 minutes texting photos back and forth from/to my S2 and my wife's 4.

    Sending multiple photos in one text from the 4 to my S2 results in the slide show you guys are talking about. A single photo to an from each phone results in exactly that, a single photo with no slideshow issues.

    If I send multiple photos in a single text from the 4 I get a slideshow.

    If I send multiple photos from the S2 to her 4 she sees multiple photos in the same text and not a "play" button to view the photos.

    I am using Handcet to manage my SMS/MMS.


  19. Orianas

    Orianas New Member

    Handcent procludes you from receiving the slideshow functionality on single image items. It also allows you to open the picture and zoom right from the image itself without saving it first as well. It just seems that 33t was extremely happy living in apple's walled garden and misses having all his choices made for him instead of opening up the ability to choose and even write his own app to change the default functionality built into his operating system. Saying that you are irritated at having to change something on a platform where change is why most of us picked the platform is ridiculous.

    So all and all get Handcent. Takes about 45 seconds to download and install on a 3G connection (faster on Wifi) and about 30 seconds to configure it to replace the default messaging app and about 10 more replace it on the home screen.
  20. 78Staff

    78Staff Member

  21. thefunks67

    thefunks67 Well-Known Member

    I switched over to Go SMS and IMHO it handles MMS far better than Handcent.

  22. alceryes

    alceryes Member

    I gotta admit that I was a little miffed about the one picture slideshow too. I can't really think of a reason why this would be the default!?!
    Orianas' suggestion to install Handcent SMS is the perfect solution though. It literally took a total of 30 seconds to download, install, and replace the default messaging icon.
  23. lmw2184

    lmw2184 Member

    My phone does this too. It is pretty stupid and I can't for the life of me figure out how things like this get past the R&D department. The GS2 is still better than my iPhone, though.
  24. enojy

    enojy Active Member

    I switched to Go SMS to remedy this issue.

    If you don't mind doing that, and have 5 minutes to set it up to your liking, it's really nice.
  25. thefunks67

    thefunks67 Well-Known Member

    Another convert!

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