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  1. sebb

    sebb New Member

    Hi, Frustrated, problem that has just appeared on my Samsung Galaxy W some thumbnails in my photos Gallery show a strange graphic - black background with keyhole shape in centre with lightening flash in right top area. this and others that show as normal show the same graphic when I click on them to open full size. I have exported these to my laptop which I can't open, message say files damaged.
    Lots of memory on SD card.
    Would appreciate any help to the cause and a fix to stop this happening on future photos. :mad:


  2. RobboW

    RobboW Member

    Sounds like corruption, see if you can salvage as much as possible. Maybe the card needs formatting. Is it possible the SD was dismounted incorrectly, or the phone, from PC.

    Did you install any hide apps? Can cause problems.

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