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    LATHBURY New Member

    Hello, I have bought a HTC Salsa phone and want to get a photo from my pc desktop to use as my main screen wallpaper, how do I transfer it please?, also I want to transfer a ringtone to my phone. Thanks, John.

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hello John and welcome to Android Forums. I've not tried this but it seems the trick would be to first convert your wanted wallpaper to 320x480 size. Next you will need to connect your phone to your pc via the usb cable making certain the phone is set to mass storage mode. You can then move your converted pic from your pc into the folder where all of your stock wallpapers are stored. (I do not know what folder that is but you should recognize the folder by the files that names that align with the wallpapers you have to choose from) You should then have that name to choose from when you go to load a wallpaper. I hope this works for you... it would be my line of attack without ever attempting.

    LATHBURY New Member

    Hello Oldbriar, Thanks for the welcome, I have done what you advised and it works great. Many thanks, John.

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