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  1. summber

    summber Well-Known Member

    Hello helpers. I just saw my photos were backed up on Google+
    I don't want my photos showing up on google so how do I not have this happen?
    I don't know where the setting is to change this but google has no business putting my photos up on the web.

    Please help.? pretty please:)

  2. CrimsonPride

    CrimsonPride Well-Known Member

    They are backed up to your google+ account but not put on the internet, and are listed as private so only you can see them. but that only happens if you turn on sync to your g+ account. if you want to turn it off go into the google+ app, and into settings and turnoff autobackup.
  3. summber

    summber Well-Known Member

    thank you. I am in the settings now of G+ and that option to turn off the back up for photos is not there.

    oh I think I found it, it's under Photos and Videos.
    I click where it says instant upload and turn that off? Will that do it?
  4. CrimsonPride

    CrimsonPride Well-Known Member

    yes that is it
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