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  1. paulsalter

    paulsalter Active Member

    Not sure if anyone else has seen this or got a solution to it

    many of my photos when viewed in the gallery app are upside down or on their side, if I look at the details they have an orientation of 90 (some have 180)

    The photos that are wrong where taken with my SII, photos taken with camera appear fine

    the SII, Picasa and another tablet I have displays the photos fine, but the Nexus is showing them wrong

    anyone any thoughts on this

  2. JanComputerman

    JanComputerman Well-Known Member

    all you have to do is tap the 3 dots menu at the top right and you can rotate the photo to put it right side up.
  3. paulsalter

    paulsalter Active Member

    Thanks for that, just been looking at that, problem is when i do that it saves the updated photo in my downloads folder, the original doesnt get touched

    if I do edit them on my nexus, will this mess them up on my other devices (picasa, g+, s2, vox tablet all of which currently display them fine)

    just to add, as i missed in first post, all pictures are stored online in picasa and I just have the tick under syncing photos (so they are not actual stored on my nexus)
  4. JanComputerman

    JanComputerman Well-Known Member

    OK yeah that's a pain so my question is are you holding the camera which took the photos sideways or upside down sometimes?
    The only other thing you can do really quick is to lock the N7 auto rotate with he pull down menu and then you can rotate IT to the desired orientation to view the picture the correct way.
  5. paulsalter

    paulsalter Active Member

    i hold it various ways when taking pictures

    if i take a picture portrait, it rotates it by 45 degrees (shows fine in thumbnail view, rotated when viewing fully)
    if i take landscape, buttons on the phone at the right it seems to be ok
    if i take landscape, buttons on the left it is upside down (upside down in thumbnail and when viewed fully)

    locking the device to portrait does work, but I have to turn the device around to view them

    the gallery app on my S2 (ICS) and on my Vox (2.3) display the images perfectly they dont get auto rotated on these (also when viewed online they are correct)

    puzzling :)
  6. JanComputerman

    JanComputerman Well-Known Member

    it sounds like there is something embedded in the photo that says what orientation the picture was taken that isn't being factored in the display with the n7. I have had similar weird problems when I take a photo straight down with my nokia phone camera.
  7. paulsalter

    paulsalter Active Member

    there is an orientation flag embedded in the photos, this doesn't show on my other tablets so looks like they ignore it and display the photo fine, whereas the nexus uses it and rotates the images wrongly

    found a free picasa album viewer in the app store and this works fine, i dont need upload/editing, just viewing photos

    shame the stock gallery app won't work as i want, i quite like it

    thanks for your help on this

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