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  1. ska11153

    ska11153 Member

    So when I decide to use the physical keyboard I have noticed that it tends to not be able to keep up with my typing and ends up skipping letters, and then I have to go back to add those letters in. Has anyone had this issue or is there a problem with my phone? Also, if you have had this issue, did you find a fix for it?

  2. TheRoot

    TheRoot Active Member

    Check XDA for Impaler's fix.
  3. ska11153

    ska11153 Member

    You lost me. Could you give me a little more detail?

  4. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    To do the fix mentioned above you have to root your phone (hacking it and voiding your warranty).
  5. digitool

    digitool Well-Known Member

    or wait til gingerbread? (if there's no fix in gb I'm going to hop on the root train... afterall my upgrade is available in october, so voiding my warranty for a couple months won't kill me)

    texting with this phone is a pain. the keyboard is useless for quick messges and on screen can be hit or miss.
  6. rounsy222

    rounsy222 Well-Known Member

    But if you do root there is a way to get it back to stock and this phone is extremely hard to brick.

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