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  1. Insanity0027

    Insanity0027 New Member

    I've just got an Xperia Pro and upgraded to Android 4.0.4.. Now My physical QWERTY Keyboard is reading as AZERTY. It's really annoying because I bought this phone for it's physical keyboard.

    Any thoughts?

  2. So lets say you press the letter "Q" and it comes out on the screen as the letter "A"? is that what is going on? I don't know if this would be of any help but you can go into Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Select the heading that reads "All". Then scroll down until you see international keyboard. Click on International keyboard and select Clear Data. Hopefully this helps but if it doesn't I don't know what else would be the issue. let us know how it worked out. Thanks :)
  3. M81162

    M81162 Active Member

    You need to send it back to Sony for a fix.
  4. DaXAce

    DaXAce New Member

    if you dont want to send the cell to repair center...
    go for rooting.

    check whether you can go for fastboot mood...

    how to:
    switch off phone
    plug in to usdb and press Back button.. after put USB in PC.
    if blue light lits up... tell me
  5. godaycious

    godaycious New Member

    The keyboard issue after upgrading to ICS has been fixed by Sony.

    i did a OTA update (settings > about phone > software update) and received a 1 mb update file.

    Downloaded and installed.

    This fixed the azerty keyboard back to qwerty!
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