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  1. cassandraj

    cassandraj New Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 12, 2010
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    Anyone got any tips for making Picasa work from within the Gallery?

    I can upload pics to Facebook with no issue. I can upload pics to Picasa from my computer with no problem.

    When I am in the Gallery and choose upload to Picasa, I get taken to a screen where I can choose my username (from a drop-down where my signin name is the only choice), and an album to upload to (from a drop-down that never loads, this field is empty). I can't choose menu, I can't do anything except choose the only choices I have. There's a "+", like I could potentially add a new album at this point, but clicking it does nothing. After I hit, "Upload", it immediately says "Failed to Retrieve Account Information".

    Any way to fix this?


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