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  1. JimboLinbo

    JimboLinbo Member

    Is it possible to view my photos which are on my PC (and in Picasa) on my new alaxy Note 10.1?

    Seems to be beyond my half-witted capabilities.:confused:

  2. wgraz

    wgraz Member

    When I first registered my GT-N8013 with my already established Google account, I found all of my Picasa online photos in the Gallery app, grouped by album and in the same order. If you already registered your device with your Google account, maybe try to enable Google Syncing(backup and restore) in the account settings of the tablet.
  3. JimboLinbo

    JimboLinbo Member

    Haha, I think I registered with my Yahoo email. I'll check it out 2morrow and let you know.
    Muchas gracias.
  4. wgraz

    wgraz Member

    My pleasure. Let me know how you did.
  5. Jore

    Jore Well-Known Member

    Did the same thing. Only thing I find odd is the album names are incorrect. I'm not sure if it was something I did.
  6. JimboLinbo

    JimboLinbo Member

    Deep gloom. I do not appear to be able to edit/change my email address within my Samsung account. Change the password ok, email is a nono.

    Any other advice would be appreciated.
  7. wgraz

    wgraz Member

    The Samsung and Google accounts are separate. When I open my tablet settings and go to "accounts and sync", I have a google account and a samsung account.

    If you see the Gmail account there, click on it and enable "Sync Picasa Web Albums."

    If you don't see a Gmail account under "accounts and sync" then you need to register your tablet with google.

    Jore, My album names seem OK, but the albums are not in the same order as on my PC which is in the order I added them(with the most recent album in the upper left). Never noticed before. I guess that's no biggie for me.

    EDIT: But now I'm noticing that not only are the albums in the wrong order in relation to the actual html picasa site, but the wrong photos are representing each album. I tried clearing the cache of the Gallery app but this did nothing. Appears to be a lot of discussions about this issue on the web.
  8. JimboLinbo

    JimboLinbo Member

    WGRAZ, thnx for previous info. Have followed it to a T and I've sync'd picasa web albums in my gmail account settings but can't see any photos (only test ones that are on the device camera).
    On picasa on my PC, I have 27gb of photos all filed in date order in 1 album. Is that too much for it to handle??
  9. wgraz

    wgraz Member

    Strange. With the Gallery app open, in the upper right corner, check your view settings.
  10. andy roddy

    andy roddy Member

    I think the stock Picasa options are quite poor, especially if you have a lot of albums or use Instant Upload. I purchased PicFolio from the market and it is a much better app.
  11. JimboLinbo

    JimboLinbo Member

    Thanx for all yr help but I've given in. It's obviously me but I'm worried that I'm going to lose all my photos (or at least do something fairly drastic).
    Any advice on the best, simpliest way to show my photos from my PC onto my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1?
    I don't need to share, just want to show.
    Someone has suggested downloading them onto the micro card. Any ideas comments please??
    If not, have a good Christmas anyway.
  12. malkie0831

    malkie0831 Member

    I've used ES file explorer to copy the files from my PC over my home network, that works OK and saves swapping the SIM card around.

    Or if you have installed Dropbox on your PC and registered the app on the Note, just copy the pictures into your Dropbox folder then they will sync to your tablet.:D

    I find Picasa on the PC a bit confusing in the way it handles directories, it wants to organise your media the way it thinks is best, and I can't always find the picture files I want very easily.
  13. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    I don't have the Note 10.1 but try this, in your gallery click menu / view by and see if in there it says content in Picasa.

    Let us know if you have that option and are able to show your Picasa pics.
  14. JimboLinbo

    JimboLinbo Member

    Hiya Scanalex, have checked yr suggestion. Only shows 3 options: Select album, scan nearby devices and view by which is set to all content. No mention of Picasa.
    Now going to try it with a usb cable, see what that does!
  15. JimboLinbo

    JimboLinbo Member

    Hi Malkie, Just downloaded ES file explorer and it appears way beyond my expertise. I'll have a play though and see what Santa brings.
    Maybe an investment in a paortable hard drive may be in order!
  16. 13ilgal

    13ilgal Well-Known Member

    I use Flickr, not Picasa, but I download a $3 app from the Play Store that allows me to view/upload/download photos to and from my Note (and phone) to Flickr.

    The authors have a similar product for Picasa, called PicFolio. I believe another forum member in this thread suggested this as well. If the Picasa app is half as good as the Flickr app, you'll be pleased.

    Here's the link.

    This assumes that you are talking about photos you have on Picasa Web (up on a server) not stored locally on your computer.

    If you don't have them on Picasa Web, you might check that out. After an initial upload, you can sync your web account with your PC and then anywhere you have WiFi and your Note, you can show off your images.

    Here's info on PicasaWeb

  17. Jore

    Jore Well-Known Member

    Anyone know of a cloud that is FREE or at least 50GB that we can upload photos to that we can view on android devices? Picasa, Flickr, etc. all seem to charge at a certain point.

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