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Picasa username or password incorrectSupport

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  1. ericsbcn

    ericsbcn Active Member

    Lately I've been getting a warning notification. When I open it is shows this message: "Picasa username and password incorrect. If you recently changed your password please reenter the new password now."

    I hit okay and it prompts me for the username and password. So I put in my password and hit okay. Then, later, maybe the next day, I get that warning notification again. This has been happening for a week or so now.

    I have not changed my picasa username/password. It should just be my gmail username and password. I've tried logging on to Picasa from my desktop computer, and that username and password works fine. So I don't know what the problem is.

    Anyone know what I can do to get rid of these warnings?


  2. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    As far as I know it's a bug with no fix.
    It hasn't happened to me in the past week though. Just go to notifications and clear it. There is nothing wrong with your username or password.
  3. ericsbcn

    ericsbcn Active Member

    Thanks. That's what I've been doing. But it's annoying. And strange that it only started happening recently. Since I haven't done anything with Picasa on my X for months.
  4. firetruck41

    firetruck41 Well-Known Member

    Happened to me too. I would clear the notification and it would come back. I ended up removing my Picasa account from the phone, in Settings> Accounts. Then I added the Picasa account again, and it has been fine ever since (about a week or two).
  5. ChiefHopper

    ChiefHopper Well-Known Member

    An update to Picasa was automatically loaded late yesterday. Hasn't happened since. Maybe it was in an update done last week that caused the bug?
  6. floabn

    floabn New Member

    Anyone using the Picasa Downloader app by Andrei Mrkovits? I think it might be causing the error.
  7. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

  8. ericsbcn

    ericsbcn Active Member

    Nope. Me either.
  9. ericsbcn

    ericsbcn Active Member

    Is there a Picasa app? I don't appear to have one. I don't see one in my list of apps. And I don't see anything in Settings - Applications called Picasa.

    I went ahead and deleted the Picasa account on my phone. Interestingly, it still let me upload a photo from the gallery to Picasa. So I'm not sure why I even needed that Picasa account setting in the first place. Picasa should just use your gmail ID and password.

    We'll see in the next couple of days whether I get that warning anymore.
  10. ChiefHopper

    ChiefHopper Well-Known Member

    Just in from PICASA:

    About some users' keeping getting re-login Picasa notifications issue.

    The annoying notification messages are NOT sent by 'Picasa Tool', they are sent by "Gallery" app which bundled a 'Picasa' module. It ran into problem recently. Some users thought it's our problem, uninstalled "Picasa Tool", and finally found that - they still get those re-login notifications.
    WHY? Because the annoying notifications are not sent by "Picasa Tool", it's sent by "Gallery" app which is still running on your phone!
    Please ask Google directly to fix their problem.

    Workaround - to prevent "Gallery" app picasa module's re-login notifications.

    Go to "Settings" -> "Accounts & Sync settings" -> Your google account -> Uncheck "Sync Picasa Web Albums".
  11. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    That must be gallery 3D, it shows the picasa albums, the standard gallery app on the Droid X does not.
  12. ericsbcn

    ericsbcn Active Member

    You mean: Just in from ColifeR Lab, developer of "Picasa Tool".

    Apparently an independent developer, not related to Google.
  13. ericsbcn

    ericsbcn Active Member

    Nope. I only have the standard gallery app.

    As I said, I've removed the Picasa Account from my Accounts settings. And I haven't gotten the warning since. Although it was only yesterday.

    I uploaded a photo from my Gallery to Picasa again today and it worked fine. So, again, I'm not sure why I needed the Picasa account in the first place. Maybe Google removed the need for the Picasa account in a recent Gallery update. Picasa on the web doesn't need a separate user ID -- it just uses your Google ID. So maybe they updated the Android module to do the same.
  14. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    Do you see your picasa albums in the standard gallery? I don't.
  15. ericsbcn

    ericsbcn Active Member

    No, I don't. But I don't think I ever did.
  16. ChiefHopper

    ChiefHopper Well-Known Member

    Yes. Went to the app for more information and this was on his web site.
  17. randyross

    randyross New Member

    The developer says that the "annoying notification" comes from Gallery and not Picasa Tool Pro. It offers a Workaround, which says go to "Settings" -> "Accounts & Sync settings" -> Your google account -> Uncheck "Sync Picasa Web Albums". When I go to Settings, the only option is Accounts (not Accounts & Sync settings) and there is no place to check or uncheck Sync Picasa Web Albums.
  18. ericsbcn

    ericsbcn Active Member

    Try just removing the Picasa account. That seems to have solved it for me.
  19. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    It hasn't happened to me in almost 2 week's, I haven't changed anything. My picasa account is still on my phone and I never used the picasa tool app.
  20. Quatermass

    Quatermass Well-Known Member

    Go to your accounts & sync settings and look up the google account. You may have several and picasa web albums will use the first one it finds.
    Kill the gallery and relaunch. Worked for me
  21. gv1

    gv1 New Member

    I realize this thread is somewhat old but since it was the first hit when searching for "picasa username or password issue" I figured it would attract other new Google+ users if this is not an issue specific to me.

    Platform is 2.2.2 on Atrix (AT&T). A few days ago, I installed Google+, which is configured to automatically upload new photos to Picasa. I think it is safe to assume that Google+ is the trigger, but perhaps not the cause. This is my work phone so I have both business and personal gmail accounts configured. Perhaps Picasa is getting confused between the two? Any idea how to make personal gmail the default?

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