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  1. thomasanderson

    thomasanderson Well-Known Member

    When I first initiated the Gallery app it synced my picasa web album fine. I went on my pc and edited some of the folders and now the Evo 3d is telling me that "no user albums can be found", yet when I go online all the pictures are there just fine. Every third party photo app I download reads the picasa album just fine. I even went to "manage applications" and cleared the data and it still wont sync the albums. Any body know what thats about.

  2. damstr8

    damstr8 New Member

    I'm having the exact same issue. Anyone have a solution?
  3. HexiJosh

    HexiJosh New Member

    Just noticed the same problem not 30 minutes ago. Every day I regret buying this phone a little more.
  4. honestliar62

    honestliar62 New Member

    Hi, other people have had this problem but I don't think it has been rectified yet so I'll post again hoping someone has come up with an answer.

    When I try to upload to Picasa using the built in OS app, my phone flashes the "Add caption" page for a second and then immediately asks me to add a google account even though I already have one set up on my phone. If I go along and press next, it gives me to options: Create and Sign In. I do not want to create a new one. If I try to sign in, the phone says "There is already a blablah@blah.blah account on this phone".

    The end result is that I can't upload pictures using the built-in picasa app. Is there a way to solve this without downloading additional apps? Thank you.
  5. CarrieK

    CarrieK Well-Known Member

    I just looked up the Picasa Tool on the market because I was considering using it. It says that there have been issues with the open album logon, they apologize, have fixed the issue and recommend you upgrade.

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