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Picked up a like new Iconia a100General

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  1. rnaodm

    rnaodm Member

    Haven't had an android device in a while. Found one for 150 on amazon.

    I love playing with the one in stores, its just seems like its packed full of features, good specs, and a damn good price.

    My old nook color was rooted and overclocked, Hoping to do the same to the iconia, after much reading here and xda.

    The forums here arent as active as other android tablets, surprising given the price and specs, why isnt it that popular?

    Now I just have to play the waiting game...

  2. richardd43

    richardd43 Member

    It might be that people are just not having a lot of problems with their A100.
  3. JLtech

    JLtech Member

    When I had an A100 it froze up all the time. I'm not sure if this is common but I seem to have the same luck with all android devices...
  4. splatoid

    splatoid Well-Known Member

    I would be careful with doing too much on the A100 till they get things sorted out. I rooted mine and was ready to unlock bootloader and and Put On a recovery. But I keep reading about the Emmc error where the tablet is dead as in return to have it fixed dead. I dont think it is necessarily anything wrong with the method of tweaking the tablet as maybe a weakness on the tablet that cant handle this kind of tweaking. I may be totally wrong here but by how many i see dead Im waiting for it gets ironed out. with that being said I am glad to have it rooted at least.

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