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  1. miguellasa

    miguellasa New Member

    Running android 2.2.2 on my galaxy wifi 5, have installed many Text to speech TTS apps like IVONA and SVOX voices.
    In TTS settings only the PICO default TTS engine is available. Cant change to any other TTS engine as there are not on the default change engine box and tix boxes are grey out ! going mad !!
    please HELP
    much appreciated


  2. ModusPwnd

    ModusPwnd Member

    Id love to change it too. Dont know how though! :p
  3. danielfla82

    danielfla82 New Member

    I have the same problema.
    Please help
  4. jmounteer

    jmounteer New Member

    Have a Samsung Skyrocket, android 2.3.5 with same issue. I've loaded SVOX, Loquendo and IVONA, none appear in my Default Engine choices, still on Samsung and Pico

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