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  1. log1c

    log1c Well-Known Member

    When I receive picture messages from friends, it shows up as a video, is there a way to make it display as a picture, I can always save it into my gallery as a picture, so I can zoom and all, but that can get annoying.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. sero

    sero Well-Known Member

    bump....i would love to know if there is a way to change this as well. its bothered me ever since i got the captivate when it first came out. i just got skyrocket and hoped that had changed but it apparently hasnt. looked and looked thru options and changed to GoSMS and Handscent....displays as slide show any way i try it~ and i hate it lol
  3. 2218

    2218 New Member

    I have been sent pictures of the grandbaby and want to save them to my card, but I don't set a way to do that how do I do that?
  4. Well you don't say how you have been sent the pictures but, I would say if it is email, or messaging you tap on the phot and it should download, then go to "my files", look under "downloads"...select the picture, hit menu, move, and navigate to the external sd card folder you want to drop them into and it wll migrate them over for you.

    To the OP, I'm not sure why but mine does the same thing...I'll look into it and try to get back to you.
  5. ad2435

    ad2435 Well-Known Member

    this is normal behavior. all pictures recieved in a text message show as the video.

    there is no way around it.

    this is the only thing i hate about this phone.
  6. redrider67

    redrider67 Well-Known Member

    Once ICS is released it will allow pics to show up the normal way as of right now no way around it.
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  7. igga

    igga Active Member

    I use go SMS pro instead of the stock messaging app. That fixed the problem
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