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  1. bossbaby

    bossbaby Member

    Every picture message I receive, no matter who sends it or from what phone they send it, it comes in as a 5 second video clip. I've seen other threads about this but I haven't seen any real solution posted. Does anyone know anything about this?


  2. joe1061

    joe1061 New Member

    i was confused about this too. had an online chat with samsung support.....who said sys files receive all image texts as vid files...cannot be changed....however, i have found that if you hit menu key when vid is up, and save to file....actually will say save to sd card.....it will save the file as an .img file and can later be viewed as a pic, with zoom, etc.
  3. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    Yeah, what Joe said, this is normal behavior on the Strat (maybe all Sammies?)... or you could change the Message program to something like GO SMS Pro, Handcent SMS, or any number of replacement Message apps in the Play Store.
  4. bossbaby

    bossbaby Member

    It worked! Thanks so much!!

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