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Picture transfer to pcSupport

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  1. cbreze

    cbreze Well-Known Member

    I'm feeling dumb today especially after I had verizon tell me how to do it a few months ago.
    I can't remember the steps to access the file to get my pics transferred to my laptop from my commando. I recall it being a bit different than other phones I've had. Anybody help me out?:confused:
    EDIT: Don't see the option to delete this thread, but anyway, I figured out the pic transfer issue I was having.:)

  2. eltee

    eltee Active Member

    Please post the solution. ;)
  3. cbreze

    cbreze Well-Known Member

    Thru settings you have to change your usb mode to mass storage, then a small pop up screen comes up on your pc with the options list.

    Then click it and your pics show up and I just drag and drop the ones I want to an open file.
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  4. Noryb

    Noryb Member

    You can also use an FTP program to do this without any cables if you use your wifi connection. Download and setup the "SwiFTP" app on your phone then download and setup "FileZilla" on your pc. You will be able to transfer files back and forth without ever hooking up any cables provided you use wifi. :D
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  5. joel745

    joel745 Well-Known Member

    Thanks to Noryb, using a FTP program as described works. I just did it today so I'm sure I'm not quite as nimble as I could be, in all honestly I thought connecting to my pc using a cable was much faster.
    Quite often using a cable I have to reboot my computer to get the pop up menu, this has happened many times on several cameras and different computers, it doesn't seem to an exclusive commando situation.
  6. kb0nly

    kb0nly Well-Known Member

    I do it via bluetooth, fast, easy, no cables...
  7. joel745

    joel745 Well-Known Member

    I had been using swiftp and file zilla, worked just fine until about 3 weeks ago and can no longer make a connection, no settings have been changed and wifi is on. I d/l a few other servers and clients with the same result........no longer works for me.
  8. kb0nly

    kb0nly Well-Known Member

    I do it with ES File Explorer also... Just set up a shared folder on the computer, connect to my WiFi on the phone, go in with ES and select the pictures then select copy, then tap the LAN button in ES and go to my network share, then select paste and done!
  9. joel745

    joel745 Well-Known Member

    I have made no changes to my phone or my computer and have tried several different apps all with the same result, can't establish a connection, like I did at first. I believe my ip address is correct, firewall is not the problem.......I'm stumped, googled this till I'm blue in the face, lol.
  10. Kobra7734

    Kobra7734 Active Member

    I use airdroid and remote web desktop thru wireless just punch in ip address app gives u into browser and u have access to all phone files and dont have to download program on computer so u can do it anywhere u can connect to a wireless network remote web desktop also allows u to send and receive messages in your browser without touching your phone and turns your camera into a web cam
  11. joel745

    joel745 Well-Known Member

    I finally got it.........works like a charm now. I tried everything but the obvious, as I felt I made no changes in the phone. Somehow my wi-fi wasn't connected, simple fix.
  12. mtcowboy

    mtcowboy New Member

    when I get all hooked up my pc does not show view pictures, video, browse or any thing in the that field. Do I need to download some program to phone. On phone it says connection error.

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