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  1. jpaskell

    jpaskell Well-Known Member

    I, all of a sudden, find some of my pictures on my sd card are disappearing. They show in thumbnails and on the little pictures at the bottom of the gallery. They pop up and disintegrate. I have put the sd card in my laptop and all o.k. I put the sd card in my wifes tab2 7.0 and all o.k.

    I just updated to jellybean. Wonder if that has anything to do with it. Seemed to work prior to jellybean. Maybe it just doesn't like my Kodak Digital camera. Not all pictures disappear, it appears only ones from the Kodak camera.

    I will try some other things, but any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I viewed other posts but they all seemed to be cell phones and no resolution was found there



  2. jpaskell

    jpaskell Well-Known Member

    When I plug the sd card into the bottom of my tab 2 10.1, all pictures are fine.

    I formatted the sd card and also used another sd card and some pictures still disintegrate.

    They still work fine in the pc and wifes ice cream sandwich tab.

    Again, any help would be appreciated.


  3. jpaskell

    jpaskell Well-Known Member

    Tried various fixes and finally got some help from another site.

    Downloaded "quickpic" from the app store (it's free), and all works fine now.

    I recommend this app to anyone who has any issues with the standard tab 2 gallery.

    It works great and does so much more than the tab2 gallery.


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